Petz link base.
When I was new petz fan it seemed hard to me to find good petz websites in a net of dead urls. After my long absence in Petz community, I faced this problem again. If you are also a bit lost in current web, here I present to you a list of all more or less active websites which I found (I will try to update it frequently - last update: march 2020).
If you have your own website and I didn't linked to it there, feel free to write me about it. I love finding about new ones.

Acid Trip LINK
Achievement LINK
Aftermath LINK
Artemis LINK
And the Rest LINK
Bad Death LINK
Black Mist Cattery LINK
Cali's Petz Site LINK
Camelot's Blue Heaven LINK
Cirrutopia LINK
Cookie Planet LINK
Corrupted Kibbles LINK
Cookiedough Kennelz LINK
Down the Rabbit Hole LINK
Elfland Woods LINK
Filthy Hippie LINK
Get Lucky LINK
Gossipin LINK
Iced Tea LINK
Intron/Exon LINK
Just Dandy LINK
Kasual Kennelz LINK
Kiralyi LINK
Krunchez LINK
Litterz Factory LINK
Matador LINK
Mieux LINK
Middle Night LINK
Mobius LINK
Moonflower LINK
Mythic Silence LINK
Nostalgia Petz LINK
Oasis LINK
Over the Sunset LINK
PDH's Resources LINK
Pear Flower LINK
Petal Dust Petz LINK
Petz Genetics LINK
Petz Image Merger LINK
Petz'R'Us LINK
Petz Universal Game Site LINK
Pine Cone Cattery LINK
Pixel Maux LINK
Power House LINK
Quartz Forest LINK
Ragusa LINK
Requested LINK
Requested Petz LINK
Rogue Kennelz & Ranch LINK
Salem LINK
Sardonyx LINK
Sherlock Software LINK
SilverSheene LINK
Wapiti LINK
VPZ Research Center LINK

Petz shows websites: