What is Furcadia?

Furcadia is free to play online game set in a fantasy world inhabited by furries (anthropomorphic creatures - animals which know how to speak and walk upon two legs). It was released in 1996 what really makes it the longest continuously running MMO (it is even in Guinness Book of Records!).

It isn't just one more game where your main goal is increasing your level. For sure, Furcadia haves no levels, no quests and no scores.

So, what can we do here?
It all consist of simple exploring, chatting and role playing. The main requirement of a game is the creativity of its members. Furcadia have very simple graphics, but everyone can create their own worlds (called dreams) with their own portraits, sprites and maps drawn by them.

The game download pack includes all tools to customize everything you want. Dream Editor haves it's own, easy to understand scripting languages. This game is the most open game I even seen and I accidentally fell in love with the possibilities it provides.

You can download latest Furcadia version on its homepage .