What is abandonware?

Software becomes abandonware when it's owned by a company no longer in business, when no product support is available, and there is basically no person to control or care about this program. In this case, it is not illegal to redistribute or download this software. Most of games and programs created in 80's and 90's have status of abandonware now, what is quite awesome because everyone can easily have access to them and try them!

I collected some of these old programs here, free for your download. I honestly recommend to take a look into these , they are usually really low weight and they WORK.

I use Windows XP and I don't have problems with a lot of them. In other case, I use DOS BOX emulator. It's program that imitates DOS system and you can open any game in it. You can download DOS BOX here.
Then how to open a game using DOS? For first you must set your current game folder path as virtual C:/ drive. You do it using "mount c" command and then writing your real drive and folder name. Then, when virtual C:/ drive localization is set, you enable this drive by writing C:, and open your game using just file name of it. Here I did it for Star Wars arcade game:

Not complicated. Just look at it, remember and replace names with your folders and files!

Now, let's begin with list of downloads!


Antarctic Adventure
Astronomy Quiz
Sid Meier's Pirates
Star Wars
221B Baker Street
7 Colors